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The lakes


There are five lakes in the Garenne neighbourhood of L’Isle Adam:

  • Sainteny Lake
  • Fishing Lake
  • Orchard Lake
  • Débuché Lake
  • Trois Sources Lake

Fauna:  ducks, swans, grebes, coots as well as a pair of Egyptian Geese which reproduced for the first time in L’Isle-Adam.  The species has been observed for the last five years at the Trois Sources Lake.  Five chicks have hatched during this time but only three survived.  The Egyptian Goose originates from Africa and is one of 1,500 species introduced either voluntarily or accidentally into Europe.

Birds are encouraged to nest here.   

The lakes’ fishing association has a strict rule that only one fish may be caught per person per day, however 80% of people throw their catch back into the lake. 

There is even a “duck crossing” allowing the ducks to leave the lake and safely cross the nearby road should they wish to pay a visit to one of the town’s residents in the hope of a meal!


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