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The Presbytery


On 21st August 1865 Charles Dambry, mayor of L’Isle-Adam purchased from Mr Charpentier the land on which the future presbytery would be constructed.

In 1867, Abbot Grimot, the parish priest, commissioned architect Félix Roguet – pupil of Eugène Viollet-Leduc – to supervise the construction of the Renaissance-style (neo-gothic) building - the cost of which was close to 40,000 francs.  Work on the interior was carried out between 1873 and 1875.

The Ministry of Worship contributed to the funding of the construction.

The glass in the ground floor windows was the work of master-glazier Gaspard Gsell.

In 1977 the presbytery was renovated. The following year the gardens were revamped. In 2011 during the recent renovation of the church, the entire external facade of the presbytery was cleaned.


44 Grande rue

Secteur paroissial de L’Isle-Adam/Parmain « Les 3 clochers »

Curé : Père Abbey Parfait     

Tél. 01 34 69 01 88

Fax : 01 34 69 22 71

Presbytère : 44 Grande Rue