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Gustave Binger bust

Buste Gustave Binger

The memorial to Governor General Binger is situated at the corner of Rue Saint-Lazare and Avenue de Bonshommes.  It was inaugurated on Sunday 27th June 1938 by Dr Louis Senlecq, mayor of L’Isle-Adam.  However the bust was stolen by the Germans in January 1942 and melted down.

After much research, a copy of the bust was found at the non-commissioned officers’ school in Saint-Maixent.  Thanks to the collaboration of the Military, a copy of the bust was made which enabled a replacement to be cast in bronze.

Louis Gustave Binger (1856 – 1936)

Explorer – Governor General of the Ivory Coast – Commandeur de la Légion d’honneur

From 1887 to 1892 he led two exploratory missions to the Ivory Coast and Sudan.

In 1900, the new capital city of Ivory Coast was called Bingerville.

In 1929 he settled in L’Isle-Adam at a house on 53 rue Saint-Lazare where he lived until his death in 1936.


Buste Gustave Binger
Rue Saint-Lazare