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Hôtel Bergeret

The Bergeret family constructed a private mansion called the Petit Hôtel Bergeret, in the 18th century and it still bears the family name today.  The building was subsequently acquired by the Prince of Conti as a residence for his guests.  During the French Revolution, the building passed into the hands of the French people and was sold at auction on 15th March 1811. 

On 27th January 1990 the local council acquired the building and used it to display the extensive collection of artwork (over 1,200 pictures) by the painter-photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. On his death, the collection was inherited by his widow, Florence Lartigue, who herself bequeathed them to the Fondation de France.

The Jacques Henri Lartigue Centre of Art was officially opened on 13th June 1998 by the mayor Michel Poniatowski. Since 2006, it has housed temporary exhibitions from the Louis Senlecq Art & History Museum.


rue Bergeret