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The obelisk at the heros of the resistance roundabout

L'obélisque du rond-point des héros de la résistance

The rehabilitation work at this roundabout – meeting point of the Avenue du Chemin Vert, the Avenue des Carrières de Cassan, the Chemin des Trois Sources, the « RD922 » road and the Avenue Michel Poniatowski – started at the beginning of September 1992 and was finished in March 1994.
The obelisk that was originally in the Pavillon Chinois (Chinese Pavilion) was placed in the centre of the roundabout.  The obelisk was a vestige of the ancient Cassan estate constructed by Pierre-Jacques Bergeret.


Obélisque du rond-point des héros de la résistance
Rue du chemin vert, chemin des 3 sources, avenue Michel Poniatowski