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The towpath and footbridges

Les passerelles

In 1905 during construction of the current lock, two wooden footbridges across the River Oise were discovered.  One situated upriver linked the Place du Pâtis with the Cohue Island whilst the other situated downriver, linked the same island with the path along the lock channel, giving a wonderful view of the river-beach.   In 1937 two replacement wooden footbridges were constructed in the same locations. The work was carried out by the carpentry firm Charpentiers de Paris. The new footbridges and the river promenade were inaugurated on Saturday 19th May 1984 by the mayor Michel Poniatowski.  The upstream footbridge is 43.7 metres long whilst the one downriver is 38 metres long. The posts are made of azobe and the other parts in iroko, both very durable hardwoods.

The local council has commissioned a walkway to be created along the river banks in L’Isle-Adam. Work has started and will continue in the coming years, with the regeneration of the path between the river-beach and the nautical base (situated at the Chemin des Trois Sources) being carried out by the riverbank authority.


Passerelle en bois